Chris Chamberlain

tech lead / director @ artisan software group limited

I'm a software engineering specialist, and I balance the "state-of-the-art" with the pragmatic. In my most rewarding projects I've used Agile to unlock the potential of team & technology.


Agile, test-driven development, open-*, the python language


IT strategy, architecture, coaching agile, team building, system integration, testing & automation.


eCommerce @ TVNZ

From 1995 to 2004, Chris lead a team that delivered the TVNZ commercial booking platform, handling >$1bn of transactions in advertising bookings. This solution predated the internet in NZ, and the vendor B2B platforms in NZ. It gave TVNZ a lead on their competition, whilst reducing operational costs.


Content Management @ TVNZ / NZoom

As TVNZ ventured into the internet news business, Chris lead a team that delivered the bespoke Content Management System (CMS) for the fledgling news site. This was one of the first CMS solutions in NZ, and powered NZ Teletext services for over a decade.


Hawkeye @ Westpac

In 2007 Chris helped to recover the ailing 1BP infrastructure project, a desktop / server / software rollout for over 3000 users across dozens of sites. The project was bogged down with unreliable data about locations, users, machines, printers, networks & software. Chris developed "Hawkeye" to integrate data from many sources, so the project teams from Westpac, IBM and Genii could function effectively. With this, we finally achieved in 12 weeks what had eluded us for over a year.

RedX @ Run The Red

Run the Red handle SMS messages - by the hundreds of millions. In 2009, Chris built the team to deliver RedX, their 2nd generation messaging platform. With Agile, we delivered the core services within 4 months, with a team of 8 (including three interns). Attention to automated testing at many layers was a crucial ingredient in the platforms' success and longevity.

Run the Red

Project Evolution @ First NZ Capital

in 2013-2014 Chris lead project Evolution at First NZ Capital, addressing business and technical needs across two organisations.

Chris provided strategic and technical guidance, risk management and QA expertise, providing the traction to get things moving forward.



Agile coaching at Victoria University.

In 2014 Chris acted as agile coach/product owner for SWEN302 Agile Methods working with a talented team of Computer Science and Software engineering students. Our mupaduw project is a development platform, using cheap android 7" tablets as midi instrument controllers. I've been exploring extending the expressivity of the platform using external sensors and Teensy 3.0 to generate more midi info. The team achieved a top-ranking and we had a great time working together.

Summer of Technology

In 2009/10 Chris began working with the Summer of Tech internship programme in Wellington. Chris is a trustee and strong advocate for the programme. Chris has helped to place and support interns for ...

  • Run the Red and Red-X (two summers)
  • First NZ Capital OneView (three summers)

Nota Bene chamber choir

Chris sings tenor and baritone with Nota Bene, a well-known chamber choir based in Wellington.

Chris sings and plays percussion and guitar in the High Plains Drifters.

Our next gig is a Dec 20th Knees Up / Hoe Down at Laundry Cuba Street "Make it a Country Christmas" from 9pm . Yee haa!


Chris Chamberlain
tech lead / director @ artisan software group limited
m: +64 21 974 283

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